Invisible dirt eliminated

Hygiene is not about everyday cleaning. It is a specialised, rigourous discipline for the control of infection in crowded public spaces. Environments such as these require a higher degree of cleanliness to remain germ-free.

From the fixtures and equipment used in washrooms to the chemicals and processes used to keep things clean, Tsebo Hygiene is there to ensure that your working environment remains healthy.

Your workforce needs to remain healthy and content in order to perform. Tsebo Hygiene Services is there to deliver this to you in a way that is simple and cost effective, freeing you up to focus on your core business.

Why Hygiene services are important:
Your employees health: healthy workspaces are more productive.Your work processes: especially in food production and pharmaceuticals, hygiene practices are vital to quality processes in production.Your customer health: customers never forget a bad experience or a poor impression.Your brand: creating a pleasant and well maintained, healthy environment adds lustre to your brand experience.
Hygiene services are highly technical by nature, and for this reason the division operates separately, providing specialist services across the Group’s divisions and to external clients.
Tsebo Hygiene Services is also bound by the Tsebo Environmental Policy and enforces strict corporate practices that minimise harmful impact to the environment. Our processes are designed to ensure the mimimum harmful impact to the environment, both in the chemicals we use and the disposal of them.

Tsebo Hygiene Services:

Immediate benefits:
Best cost and value
Fit-for-purpose solutions to meet real needs
Responsive client service from seasoned, educated professionals
Consistency of quality from experience
Future benefits:
The right balance between cost and quality
Hassle removed completely
Predictability of cost