Tsebo Hygiene Services supply a full range of services and products to meet every need in the management of infection and the maintenance of healthy environments.
Healthy hands make light work:

Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers: we install, refill and maintain these soap dispensers for better hygiene in your kitchens and bathrooms.
Hand Dryers: we provide and service both air hand-dryers and paper towel dispensers – dependent on your needs, budget and volume of use.
Hand Sanitising: dispensed gels, sprays and wipes to keep your hands cleaner for longer.
Fresh air to breathe deeply:

Air Freshener Dispensers: our air freshener dispensers ensure fresh and quality air in your bathrooms and any other selected areas.
Dust Floor Mats: these trap dirt and dust and protect your floors from being damaged.
Industrial Floor Mats: these are industrial floor mats specifically designed to deal with heavy spillage and grease residue.
Restroom services you can rely on:

From toilet cleaning, femcare bins and safe seat dispensers to toilet roll holders, our hygiene services and products ensure that your toilet cubicles stay clean and hygienic.
Clean technology works better for longer:

Occupational hygiene services that cleanse your office equipment to prevent cross-contamination in the office and the consequent spread of disease (photocopiers, computers, telephones, ATMs and other technical equipment)


Prevention is better than cure:

Biological dosing: removal of grease build-ups in key places of your canteen that attract bacteria and pests.
Fogging: regular misting treatments that reach all the spaces that humans can’t get to.


Tsebo Hygiene Services offers you complete solutions for every need, in every industry.